Prize Rebel – Day Three

What’s up everyone? Lately, I have been very busy with finals and school. I hope I haven’t kept you guys waiting that long for my next blog. I will be busy next week as well, just to let you guys know. Anyways, today I put a good effort into getting some points and here are the results:

Day Three:
– Did several offers with Roboform
– Waited 30 minutes for most of my points to credit
– Claimed a prize ($10 NX Cash Card)

Offers Done:
African American Vote
Remedy Magazine
RJR: $20 in Hot Deals
Free Halo Wars
I Stand With Magic
PAD Facts
Alliance For Climate



PRIZE CLAIMED: $10 NX Cash Card (10.05 – 10.00 = 0.05 POINTS LEFT)

My Thoughts: Yes, I finally get a decent prize for the work I’ve done. Six points would be a good goal to aim for everyday if you have the time. That is usually where I stop at when I’m doing offers. I don’t want to bore myself. Remember to always do the offers in the first few pages first. Those usually have the most points and are newer. The ones near the end of the list are usually old and some of them don’t work anymore. If you are aiming for prizes worth higher than ten points, just keep on doing surveys until you can claim it. I will enclose a picture of the “View Prize Claims” section in order to show how my prize is “pending”. When Prize Rebel finally emails the $10 NX Cash Card code to me, the status will show up as “processed”. Good luck everyone!

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~ by ivaldi on June 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Prize Rebel – Day Three”

  1. Cool!

    Dude can you please get Club Penguin Membership?

    I’ll do anything!

  2. What do you use to change your IP address? im trying

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