Prize Rebel – Day One

Hey guys,
I have decided that, in order to benefit you guys, to put the results of my work on Prize Rebel in order to show you it DOES work and is NOT a scam and it will NOT give you viruses. In my video, it has already given you some offers to start with. I will start listing the offers I do every day and how much points I get in total. I will do this almost everyday, so check back often. Again, if I have helped you, please click on my referral link:

Day One:
– Made a new account (on a different IP address)
– Did a few offers with Roboform (download link is in my video or just copy/paste this:

Offers Done:
Pop This!
ArcaMax – Daily Jokes
EverSave – Car Sweeps
Popeyes Chicken



My Thoughts: This was a day where I was kind of lazy. 1.2 points isn’t many, but it IS a good start. i will do more tomorrow for sure. I have only listed the offers I had gotten points from. There are some offers that I have not gotten points from, but I am sure I will get them tomorrow.

Note: By the way, remember to use a FAKE address unless you want junk in your mail box. These things can usually be found easily if you just Google. Same with phone numbers; just use the correct area code for the address. ALSO, remember that some offers may take up to 24 hours to process. You can usually tell if the offer got through or not if it takes longer than a day.

~ by ivaldi on May 31, 2008.

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