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Hey everyone,
After my last successful post, I have decided to make a business blog on Blogger. Check it out if you guys have time. It is located right here.

Try out Moola as well, it’s a pretty fun place to earn free money. No surveys or anything; just play a few games. πŸ™‚


Youtube – Free Referral Building Offers

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What’s up everyone?
I hope everyone’s doing well, because I would like to share a new idea with all of you! I will make a list of names of people who are willing to participate. This list will be updated DAILY! Alright, so my idea is this: I am going to offer each and every one of you a chance to get more referrals! The ONLY REQUIREMENTS are:

– You must favorite or subscribe to my Prize Rebel videos on Youtube
– You must have signed up on my referral link HERE and have done at least one offer

Now, here is what I am offering you:


– Send me your referral link through whatever means necessary and I will post YOUR referral link on my videos. I know you may be thinking “but your Youtube channel isn’t really popular”, however, what do you have to lose? Exactly. You DON’T have anything to lose. In addition, I will provide you some basic tips on how to get referrals.

– There is an additional requirement for this one; but it is EXTREMELY easy to do. Make your OWN Youtube video! Post it up on your channel and send me the link. I will link your videos to mine, favorite it, and leave a positive comment on it. All guaranteed.
– The Basic Package Help is included with this one.

– This package includes the other two packages with the same requirements. This time however, I will personally make you YOUR OWN Youtube video and post it on my channel with your referral link on it and get it up to 10,000 VIEWS in a week. It will be favorited and commented at least once. The video will be customized to your liking and I will send you additional referral tactics. All this for only a dollar. Payment will be sent through PayPal. Email me for other methods of payment.

Think this through everyone. It is reasonable and again, you have nothing to lose. Make no mistake, this is not a scam. I guarantee everything I have listed here will be true. Thanks and I will return tomorrow hopefully with a list of people who are interested.

Yet another way to help you guys get referrals:

Update Notice #2

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Hi everybody! I have finally decided to put off my Prize Rebel Daily Blogs for a while.
In the mean time , I have created a new blog: Ivaldix’s Prize Rebel Referral Guide! It is my all new site DEDICATED to getting referrals! However, remember to first sign up for Prize Rebel HERE or else you will not get much help. I am also happy to tell everyone that I have claimed yet another prize from Prize Rebel; this time being 100 IJJI coins for my younger brother. πŸ™‚ Just goes to show that Prize Rebel is NOT a scam. Alright everyone, I will get to work on my new blog. Remember, PM me for help or leave a comment!

Want more referrals? Then check out this site:

NEW! Squidoo Site: Check it out!

Update Notice #1

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Hey everyone, I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to be lately. My summer vacation has been great so far. I hope you guys are having a good time. I might stop posting my progress in Prize Rebel; I’m not sure yet. If enough people want me to keep this up, then I will do it. Please show your support! =]

Something to help you guys earn referrals:

And as always, if you haven’t already, sign up for Prize Rebel!

Prize Rebel – Day Five

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Here we go again, everyone! Day Five! Okay, so today I went ahead and got my points up to TEN! That’s right, I can now claim another $10 NX Cash Card! πŸ™‚ So here we go!

Day Five:

– Did a few offers in order to get my points up to ten at least
– Claimed another $10 NX Cash Card

Offers Done:
Best Buy Gift Card
Coke Vs Pepsi
American Consumer Opinion
iPod Sweepstakes
See The Signs



PRIZE CLAIMED: $10 NX Cash Card (10.35 – 10.00 = 0.35 POINTS LEFT)

Note: The total points earned will not be added to the points that were already used up.

My Thoughts: Alright, so in a few weeks, I have already claimed two prizes! And remember that it was only a few weeks because I was busy with school. Since most of us are on our break now, you could get your prizes within a few days! Another thing that many of you have been emailing me about is the addresses that you guys put in when doing your offers. If you don’t want junk mail in your mailbox everyday (your REAL mailbox), then you can use a fake address. FYI, this will NOT always work out for every offer. If you need a fake address (but working one), email me at and I will provide you a valid address (will work as far as I am concerned). Alright, I will see everyone tomorrow. Good luck!

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Prize Rebel – Day Four

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Hey everyone! School’s out, and I’m ready to help everyone out now! I see that some of you have replied to some of my blogs asking for additional information. I will try to help as best as I can. =] Alright, so the results for today!

Day Four:
– Did more offers
– Waited a day before they all credited

Offers Done:
The Final Payoff
Free Lifesavers
Memolink Survey
Eversave – Home Sweeps
Valued Opinions
Win Lunch for a Year
House Payment Assistance



Note: Some offers do not come up as listed right away, but you are credited for it anyway. This does not mean you have done something wrong. Not ALL offers will show up sometimes.

My Thoughts: I had time today, so I did more offers than usual. I am well on my way into getting another NX Cash Card. However, note that I had to wait a day before they all credited. It is a good idea to pace yourselves, so that you won’t always be anxious to see if you got your points or not. Good luck everyone! I will come back tomorrow with Day Five! =]

Prize Rebel – Day Three

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What’s up everyone? Lately, I have been very busy with finals and school. I hope I haven’t kept you guys waiting that long for my next blog. I will be busy next week as well, just to let you guys know. Anyways, today I put a good effort into getting some points and here are the results:

Day Three:
– Did several offers with Roboform
– Waited 30 minutes for most of my points to credit
– Claimed a prize ($10 NX Cash Card)

Offers Done:
African American Vote
Remedy Magazine
RJR: $20 in Hot Deals
Free Halo Wars
I Stand With Magic
PAD Facts
Alliance For Climate



PRIZE CLAIMED: $10 NX Cash Card (10.05 – 10.00 = 0.05 POINTS LEFT)

My Thoughts: Yes, I finally get a decent prize for the work I’ve done. Six points would be a good goal to aim for everyday if you have the time. That is usually where I stop at when I’m doing offers. I don’t want to bore myself. Remember to always do the offers in the first few pages first. Those usually have the most points and are newer. The ones near the end of the list are usually old and some of them don’t work anymore. If you are aiming for prizes worth higher than ten points, just keep on doing surveys until you can claim it. I will enclose a picture of the “View Prize Claims” section in order to show how my prize is “pending”. When Prize Rebel finally emails the $10 NX Cash Card code to me, the status will show up as “processed”. Good luck everyone!

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